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London East Academy

12th Annual Huffadh Graduation ceremony 2023

Al-Mizan School & London East Academy celebrates 7 students journey to completing the memorisation of the Holy Quran at the 12th Annual Huffaz graduation ceremony!


Hafidh Ismail Abdullah Ahmad

Hafidh Yahya Abdullahi Afrah

Hafidh Zohair Haji (alumni)



Hafidh Tahseen Ishaque

Hafidh Abdullah Al Mahdi

Hafidh Muaz Ali

Hafidh Uzayr Miah

 May Allah bless our Huffadh! Ameen


My son started his memorisation of the Qur'an from a young age at his local Masjid and was also attending weekend school.

When he started LEA, he was able to continue, and the environment at  LEA helped him excel as he was doing lessons  in the mornings and also after school tahfiz. The tahfiz teachers were always approachable, and because there were other like-minded students who also wanted to excel, they were able to practise and test each other.

We are very grateful that he was able to complete his Hifz and have a graduation ceremony in honour of the Huffaz, all the Ustadhs, family and friends were able to celebrate this great achievement.

Parent of Hafidh Uzayr


"It was lovely to attend the ceremony today. Every year even though my journey with the school with my boys has ended I never fail to attend the ceremony.

It just brings back so many lovely and funny memories for me of my children.  As always it’s always a blessing to be a part of these blessed gatherings mashallah.

Just wanted to say today’s  ceremony was very well organized mashallah I actually left my home late thinking you will start late but when I arrived I was late!  The way the staff greeted us on the sisters side was very welcoming. Mashallah

I sat at the audience looking at the huffazz today remembered what Ustadh Badr said once about my boys That it’s not about how much they memorize, it’s about how much they learn and implement in their own lives.

I truly understand that now.

All my children have grown now and don’t need me much any more but today I sat in the hall and set some new goals for my self. Inshallah one day to return and see my grand kids graduate inshallah!

May Allah reward all of our ustahds. You all work tirelessly for our children and our community.

I pray Allah elevates our ustahds ranks in jannah and grants you all good in dhunyah and akhirah." Ex parent of 2 siblings who completed their Hifdh at LEA