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Examinations Timetable

GCSE Examinations Timetable - Summer 2024

Please find below the exam timetable for the upcoming summer 2024 exam series. Use this timetable to keep track of your exam dates and times. Make sure to arrive at the examination venue well in advance to avoid any last-minute rush. Good luck with your exams!


exam timtable summer 2024.pdf



Mock Examinations

Mock examinations serve as a tool for students to assess their knowledge, identify areas of improvement, and familiarise themselves with the exam format. They mimic the structure, content, and timing of the actual exam to provide a realistic testing experience. Also, the content of mock examinations closely mirrors that of the real exam, covering the same topics and concepts. This allows students to gauge their understanding of the material and pinpoint any weaknesses that need to be addressed before the actual test. 

Please find below the exam timetable for our mock examinations:

December 2023

mock exam timetable december 2023.pdf


March 2024

mock exam timetable march 2024.pdf