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London East Academy

Welcome To LEA Alumni!

The LEA Alumni network is made up of former students and staff and we would love you to join!

As part of the network, you'll be able to reconnect with peers, share your experiences with current students and attend exciting events through our school and ELM community. Whether you are at university, in an apprenticeship or in work we want to hear from you - you never know who you might inspire! You will also receive periodic updates about the school.

Contributions of LEA Alumni

  • Over 45 Alumni Huffadh have led Tarawih in various Masjids across London and beyond
  • Founders of 'The Legacy project' 
  • Imams and Khateebs of ISOCs in colleges and universities
  • Organised charity treks and events with the school
  • Hosted events at Al-Mizan & LEA
  • Ongoing participation in Career drop-down days with LEA pupils
  • Completed work experience at Al-Mizan and LEA
  • Graduated or currently studying Shari'ah at Islamic Universities in the middle east
  • Teachers of the Qur'an and Tajweed at various institutes and Madrasahs
  • Organised Halaqas and Qiyam Al-layl with the school for the Alumni network


Alumni charity trek to Cheddar gorge with Islamic Relief - October 2021

Current Students

As a current student our LEA Alumni Network can:

  • share their experiences of Higher Education and employment with you
  • help you develop your networking skills
  • answer any questions you have about life after LEA.
  • Volunteer at our school and support you in various ways